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Natura's History

The past, the present and the future… Almost half a century ago, Dr. Michael Levien created Natura from his dedication and passion to make a difference in the world of healing. Natura as it stands today represents the success and value of true inspiration on which its existence was founded. Dr Levien realised that his vocation was in healing and caring for the other beings that inhabit the earth together with us.

In order to fulfill his dream, he enrolled with Lindlahr College to formally study Homoeopathy, Osteopathy and Naturopathy. By following his vocation for healing, he discovered his natural ability, and was able to excel in his studies. He succeeded in completing the course rapidly and with relative ease, where others struggled. Dr. Levien continued to follow his life’s calling by starting a practice in 1960 and earned a reputation for being a responsible and knowledgeable practitioner. Dr. Levien was well respected by his colleagues, who regularly consulted him for his insight in order to solve difficult cases. This naturally led to discussions about where medicines may be potentially sourced from. Dr. Levien recognised that he was able to extend his vision for healing by serving this need for the manufacturing and distributing of good quality medicines.

Since 1966, Natura Laboratory has been manufacturing and distributing homoeopathic and phytotherapeutic medicines in South Africa. From its humble conception, Natura has continually striven to serve the unique needs of health care practitioners and the public alike by dedicating itself to supplying innovative products which are built with integrity.

Natura has grown considerably from its origins as a small family enterprise, and currently employs diverse group of about 160 people. In more recent years, under the guidance of Peter Kreft, significant transformation and re- structuring of the organisation has taken place. By acknowledging that the needs of health care practitioners and the public vary significantly, two separate divisions were formally established. The Self Med and the Professional divisions were designed in order to ensure that both groups received the dedication and commitment they each deserved. Natura continues striving to honour its founding values of passion, innovation and integrity by committing to go the extra mile, both now and in the future.

CoMED Health is a holding company for a number of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) companies and brands, including Natura Laboratory and Bioter Health. The company was formed in 2009 when the 50 year old Natura company was sold into CoMED and on track to become South Africa’s leading supplier of Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM's). We also take great pleasure in announcing that the AMKA Group has taken a substantial shareholding in CoMED Health (Pty) Ltd effective from 9 March 2012. We view this as a very positive development for CoMED, where, in particular, the strategic fit will allow us to benefit all our customers and provide you with a much broader variety of Nutraceutical Supplements, Treatments and Homoeopathic Remedies. Here the considerable collective expertise and the substantial resources and synergies from the AMKA Group will be utilized to best effect in order to benefit all of our customers. To this end CoMED will synergise with our sister company in the Group, Nativa, in order to ensure a consistent improvement in service levels to our valued customers.