Ear, Nose, Throat & Chest


The respiratory system is most commonly affected by airborne viruses or bacteria that cause unpleasant symptoms like congested sinuses, sore throats, runny noses and coughs. Natura’s homoeopathic medicines can be safely used to treat a variety of common conditions that affect your ears, nose, throat or chest.



Did you know?

If you flattened out all the alveoli in your lungs, they would cover a tennis court. Plants are our partners in breathing. We breathe in air, use the oxygen in it, and release carbon dioxide. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen

Remedy Focus

Hydrastis canadensis is commonly known as Goldenseal. It is used in both herbal medicine and homoeopathy to treat conditions that produce large quantities of thick mucus.

What are sinuses and where are they found?
Your sinuses are air spaces in the bones of your skull. They are lined by a membrane which can produce mucous in response to an irritation or infection. Your frontal sinuses are found in your skull above your eyes and the maxillary sinuses are next to your nose in your cheek bone.
What’s the difference between a ‘cold’ and the ‘flu’?
The flu is a much more serious infection than the common cold. The common cold is typically caused by one of a number of different ‘Rhinoviruses’, while the flu is typically caused by one the ‘influenza’ viruses. The fever which accompanies the flu is typically much higher than that of the common cold and the muscular aches and pain are more severe. There may be nasal congestion and frequently a runny nose will linger after the flu. Headaches, sore throat, a cough, fatigue and weakness or exhaustion are all symptoms of the flu. Nausea and vomiting may be present; however they are not common symptoms.


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