Stress research has been dominated by the popular ‘fight-or-flight’ theory. However, recent studies suggest that while men tend to respond to stress by exhibiting ‘fight- or-flight’ behaviour, a woman’s response to stress is to ‘tend-and-befriend’. This involves comforting and protecting anyone affected by the stress, helping them to feel secure and supported. Natura’s homoeopathic medicines can help to rapidly restore a sense of control enabling you to cope more effectively in difficult situations.


Did you know?

Adrenalin is the hormone that your body produces in response to sudden stressful situations. If the stress persists, your body will eventually start to produce cortisol instead of adrenalin.

Remedy Focus

Valeriana offi cinalis is used for its sedative and calming properties in herbal and homoeopathic products. It has a relaxing effect on the central nervous system and helps to relieve feelings of restlessness.

If I manage my stress, won't I become laid back and inefficient?
Some people like to function on the "edge". They find that they work best under pressure and deadlines. They feel that stress actually makes them more productive and efficient. These people may not seek stress management training as they feel it will make them too relaxed and laid back to be productive. Fortunately, this is not the case.
Is depression more common amongst women?
Yes. Twice as many women than men are affected. Some estimate that as many as one in five women will experience an episode of depression during any given year.
Is Post-partum depression the same as "baby blues"?
No, post-partum depression is more severe and of longer duration than transient 'baby blues'.
What is the difference between stress management and relaxation?
Stress management helps you to avoid stressful situations, while relaxation training teaches you how to remain calm and quiet in the midst of stress.
Why do we experience a stress reaction?
Stress is the response our bodies experience as we adjust and adapt to our continually changing environment. It is aimed at helping us to survive and even thrive in our world. That’s why all living things have survived up to now!


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