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Infections, conjunctivitis and thrush

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Infections, conjunctivitis and thrush

Your body is constantly exposed to a vast array of bacteria and viruses that could potentially harm you. Luckily, your body is equipped with a variety of defense mechanisms that create mechanical barriers to protect you from the entrance of infectious agents. One of the first lines of defense that comes under attack from invading bacteria and viruses are the soft, moist linings (mucous membranes) of the tubes of your respiratory, digestive, urinary and reproductive systems.


Please consult your healthcare practitioner if symptoms are severe or persist. Earache and ear discharge should improve within 24 hours; sore throat and throat infections within three days; conjunctivitis and infections of the eyelid within four days; mouth infections, mouth ulcers, styes and vaginal thrush within one week.

You should, however, see your healthcare practitioner if you have a red eye that is associated with significant eye pain, change in vision or a copious amount of yellow or greenish discharge.


normal flora by eating natural yogurt with live AB cultures or use a pre- and probiotic supplement.

Soothe with saltwater: Relieve mouth infections, mouth ulcers and oral thrush by gargling morning, noon, and night. Fill a glass with warm water and mix in
one teaspoon of salt.

Ice, Ice, Baby: Soothe the pain and swelling of conjunctivitis by applying an ice block over the affected eyelid. Be sure to use a different ice block for each eye to prevent re-infection or cross infection.

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