Gallen 25ml Drops



Helps support liver and gallbladder function to improve digestion and relieve abdominal discomfort, biliousness, nausea, bloating and flatulence.

Trusted for over 50 years
Developed and recommended by Homeopaths
Proudly South African
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How to use


20 Drops on tongue or diluted in a little water 3 times daily.
May be taken 1-2 hourly in acute cases.
Infants take 10 drops diluted with water 3 times daily.

How to take

As absorption of homoeopathic medicines occurs mainly through the mucous membrane of the mouth, it is desirable to hold the medicine in the mouth for a short period and for the mouth to be free of any other tastes (toothpaste, peppermint, etc.) when taking the medicine.

The drops should be taken directly on the tongue or diluted in a little water.
To dispense the drops, twist off the screw cap breaking the seal with first use.
Ensure the arrow on the top of the dropper insert is facing down towards your tongue or container with water to ensure a continuous flow of drops.


Homoeopathic complementary medicine:
Each 1ml of liquid contains:
Achillea millefolium D2
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi D2
Artemisia absinthium D2
Berberis vulgaris D2
Chelidonium majus D2
Fel tauri D2, Gentiana lutea D2
Herniaria glabra D2
Kalium natrum tartaricum D2
Matricaria recutita D2
Nasturtium officinale D2
Natrium oleicum D2
Peumus boldus D2
Rhamnus frangula D2
Rheum palmatum D2
Silybum marianum D2
Taraxacum officinale D2
Trifolium fibrini D2

47 % Alcohol
Sugar free.

Package information Leaflet

Why these remedies?

Homoeopathic remedies work energetically to stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal. It works according to the principle of ‘like cures like’ such that a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person, can be used to treat similar symptoms in a sick person. Over the last 200 years, observations, experiments, homoeopathic provings and clinical experience have resulted in the collection of symptoms associated with particular remedies which are recorded in traditional homoeopathic Materia Medica.

This product has been compiled based on an in-depth knowledge of the tradition and application of homoeopathy. The relevant symptoms from the ingredient remedy pictures are as follows:

Achillea millefolium is indicated for flatulent colic.
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi assists in the treatment of vomiting associated with urinary symptoms like cystitis.
Artemisia absinthium acts on the digestive system to treat nausea and retching, bloating of the abdomen and colic with flatulence.
Berberis vulgaris acts on the liver and gall bladder to promote the flow of bile and on the venous system to improve circulation.
It helps treat nausea before breakfast, heartburn and clay-coloured stools associated with excess bile.
Chelidonium majus acts on the liver and gallbladder to treat biliousness during pregnancy, halitosis and gastralgia.
Fel tauri increases the duodenal secretions, emulsifies fats, increases intestinal peristalsis and helps relieve jaundice and obstruction of gall ducts.
Gentiana lutea has a tonic action on the appetite and treats intestinal symptoms like acid risings, nausea, stomach ache, abdominal distention, colic and flatulence.
Herniaria glabra has astringent and diuretic properties.
Kalium natrum tartaricum is indicated for vomiting and pain in the umbilical region.
Matricaria recutita has a calming effect on the gastro-intestinal tract and relieves nausea after coffee, sweating after eating and drinking, aversion to warm drinks, yellow tongue with bitter taste in mouth, bilious vomiting, abdominal distention, griping pain in the region of the navel, painful flatulence and hepatic colic.
Nasturtium officinale aids digestion and relieves colic.
Natrium oleicum has cholegogic properties and promotes healthy bile flow.
Peumus boldus relieves sensation of burning weight in the region of the stomach, bitter taste and languor.
Rhamnus frangula treats abdominal pain, colic and diarrhoea.
Rheum palmatum relieves sour smelling diarrhoea, colic and ineffectual urging to pass stools.
Silybum marianum has a healing and analgesic action on the liver and portal system.
It relieves bitter eructations, small appetite, furred tongue, nausea, vomiting of green acid fluid, pain in the region of the liver and bright yellow stools. It treats constipation alternating with diarrhoea.
Taraxacum officinale relieves gastric headaches, bilious attacks with jaundiced skin, flatulence, loss of appetite and enlarged liver.
Trifolium fibrini relieves congestion of the salivary glands.


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Special Precautions

If your symptoms are severe or worsen, or if your condition does not improve, please consult your healthcare practitioner or pharmacist.

Do not use this product if you are hypersensitive, allergic or have a known intolerance to any of the ingredients in the medicines.

Natura Drops: The drops contain alcohol – do not use if you are sensitive or intolerant to alcohol.
Natura Tablets: The tablets contain lactose – do not use if you are sensitive or intolerant to lactose. Lactose may have an effect on the control of your blood sugar if you have diabetes mellitus.
Natura Melts: The melts contain lactose - do not use if you or your baby is sensitive or intolerant to lactose. Lactose may have an effect on the control of your blood sugar if you have diabetes mellitus.
Natura Syrups: The syrups contain alcohol – do not use if you are sensitive or intolerant to alcohol. The syrups also contain sugars which may have an effect on the control of your blood sugar if you have diabetes mellitus.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Homoeopathic medicines have traditionally been used during pregnancy and breastfeeding although clinical trials have not been done to prove the safety on this medicine in pregnant or lactating women.

Side effects:: There are no known side effects for any of the Natura Homeopathic remedies, however, if your health deteriorates or you experience an untoward effect you suspect is directly related to taking one of the medicines, please discontinue use with immediate effect and consult your healthcare practitioner or pharmacist. You can also contact us on